Our Council and Staff Members

Our Council Members

Traci Maczynski, Chairperson

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Traci Maczynski holds seat C until 2020 and currently serves as Chairperson. Traci is the Enrollment Committee Chairperson.

Valerie Dudley, Vice Chairperson

Valerie Dudley holds seat B until 2020 and is the Environmental Committee Chairperson.

Valerie Dudley is the daughter of Sonny and Irene (Fredericks) Venes. She was born and raised in Bethel and graduated from BRHS in 1995. In 2009, her and her husband, Ben, moved their family to Wasilla where they are raising their 3 sons- Caden, Ty and Connor. She is a Trainer at the UAA Child Welfare Academy and plans to pursue a Masters of Social Work in the coming years. Valerie is excited to be returning as a member to the Georgetown Tribal Council having served 1 term in the early 2000s. Valerie is the Environmental Committee Chairperson.

Stacy Turner, Treasurer/Secretary

 Stacy Turner holds seat A until 2019.

Gary Fredericks, Member

Gary Fredericks holds seat D until 2019 and is the Land Committee Chairperson.

Will Hartman, Member

Will Hartman holds seat E until 2021.

Will is a second-generation tribal member currently residing in Fishhook, Alaska, but has spent most of his life living along the Kuskokwim River. He began working for GTC in October of 2007, and is currently the Tribal Administrator in addition to serving as a Tribal Council Member. Will is the Policy Committee Chairperson.

Committee Members

Environmental Committee

Debby Hartman

Jonathan Samuelson

Renee Fredericks

Kattie Wilmarth

Valerie Dudley

Enrollment Committee

Traci Maczynski

Valerie Dudley

Stacy Turner

Land Committee

Gary Fredericks

Debby Hartman

Michael Fredericks

Father Michael Fredericks

David Kutch Jr.

Policy Review Committee

Rebecca Wilmarth

Valerie Dudley

David Kutch Jr.

Stacy Turner

Will Hartman 


Our Staff Members

Ozzy Escarate, Tribal Administrator 

“Ozzy Escarate joined the GTC team in April 2019 and is thrilled to serve the community of Georgetown and its membership.  He earned an B.S. in business management with a focus in operations.  He is passionate about rural development and staying active running, cycling and hiking around Alaska.  In 2008, he completed the Boston Marathon successfully and has completed a few others along the way.  Ozzy Escarate lives in Eagle River, Alaska.”

Meredith Witte, Environmental Coordinator

Meredith is passionate about environmental stewardship and taking a proactive stance towards ensuring a safe and environmentally healthy future in the community. She earned a B.S. and M.S. in Mining Engineering from Virginia Tech in 2014 and 2016, respectively, with a focus in environmental studies and health and safety. She currently live in Eagle River with her husband and their two dogs and is an avid outdoor enthusiasts. 

Eric Dietrich, Program Director 


Eric began working with Georgetown as a Americorp Vista volunteer designing our member database. He was hired as a permanent staff member in January  2008. He is in charge of maintaining all IT systems for GTC, and has been integral in the development of our GIS database. Eric is currently working on future web based projects for GTC.

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