Climate Change Resources

Georgetown Tribal Council partnered with GEOS Institute to develop a Regional Climate Science Primer and a Vulnerability Assessment in 2017. Check out the final documents to learn more about climate change in the Middle Kuskokwim. Be sure to watch our short timelapse video that shows what life in Georgetown is like throughout the year and includes traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) from Elders in the Middle Kuskokwim.  

Vunerability Assessment

Combining Traditional Ecolgoical Knowledge with Western Science, with input from Georgetown Members & Staff and others from the area, this document gives detailed information about the Vulnerabilities we face due to the changing climate, and concludes with those vulnerabilities being ranked. 

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Regional Climate Science Primer

This document gives a brief introduction to finding out What is Climate Change?  It gives a detailed look at the Historical Trends, and Future Projections for Climate Change Impacts in the Middle Kuskokwim Region.

Published June 2017

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A Year in Georgetown 2017-2018

The Environmental Coordinator for the Georgetown Tribal Council has created this guide for you, in the hopes that it will help you in your search for information about climate change. If you are conducting research, need a few tools to help you with your project related to climate change, are seeking funding for your projects, looking for trainings, or want to peruse some guides developed for tribes…this is the place to look for those resources!

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