Site Locations

The Native Village of Georgetown on the Kuskokwim River

Georgetown Tribal Council conducts its water testing at four site locations in Georgetown.  Georgetown is situated on the Kuskokwim River, in the Kilbuck-Kuskokwim Mountains, at its convergence with the George River. It is located between the Native villages of Crooked Creek and Red Devil.   There are two well testing sites and two river testing sites.  Both well sites are on the South side of the Kuskokwim: MW-1 is the northern most monitoring well, MW-2 is the southern most monitoring well.  One sampling is done of the Kuskokwim River (KR-1) in Georgetown, and the second is done on the George River (GR-1). 



Pictured to the right, MW-1 is the northern most well.  Below, environmental coordinator, Kate Schaberg, takes a reading off of the YSI 556 meter at MW-1


Below, MW-2 is shown not long after construction.  MW-2 is the well located further from the Kuskokwim River.  To the right, MW-2 is viewed during testing.


As seen from sampling location, the picture to the right is the view up river, and the picture below is the view looking down river.


GR-1 is located on the George River, just upstream from its convergence with the Kuskokwim River

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